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ID/DD Waiver Services

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The individuals and families supported by Oxford Health Care have a variety of goals, all of which are met within the communities where they live, work and play. Because all people are individuals and have different goals, we provide a wide range of community-based support. People who have Intellectual and/or Development Disabilities are offered the option of programs that range in structure according to their individual goals and desires.

Home and Community Supports

Home and Community Support is offered for individuals who live in the community and need assistance with ADL's and IADL's such as bathing, toileting, ambulation, meal preparation, household cleaning, with keeping appointments, use of natural supports, typical community services available to all people, social interaction and participation in leisure activities.

Supported Living

Supported Living is offered for individuals in their own residence (owned or leased) for the purpose of increasing and enhancing independent living with assistance in personal care activities and activities of daily living which include: meal planning, securing transportation, banking, shopping, budgeting, inclusion in community activities and the use of natural supports and typical community supports available to all people to assist in facilitation of meaningful days.

In Home Nursing Respite

In-Home Respite is provided by a registered or licensed practical nurse and is available to individuals living in a family home to provide temporary, periodic relief to those persons who normally provide care. It may also be provided when the usual caregiver is unexpectedly absent due to hospitalization, injury, illness or upon their death, depending on the individual circumstances.

Job Discovery

Job Discovery is a person-centered service providing a plan for achieving integrated employment, job exploration, job shadowing, labor research, job and task analysis, resume development and/or business plan development.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is offered to provide ongoing support to individuals in finding and keeping a job in the community. Assistance on the job is provided to ensure the individual has support necessary to be successful and in building natural supports in the work place. Supported Employment can be phased out over time as the individual learns the job or can be continued indefinitely, depending on the individual and his/her level of support needs.

Day Services-Adult

Day Services-Adult is the provision of regularly scheduled, individualized activities in a non-residential setting, away from the home. Activities include daily living and other skills that enhance community participation and meaningful days for each participant.

Supervised Living

Supervised Living services provide individually tailored 24 hour direct supervision and supports which assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement in skills related to living in the community. Independence is promoted while providing necessary supports and assistance.

Community Respite

Community Respite is provided in a community setting designed to provide caregivers an avenue of receiving respite from constant caregiving and provide the person with a place to go which has scheduled activities to address individual preferences/requirements.

Behavior Support

Behavior Support provides systematic behavior assessment, Behavior Support Plan development, consultation, restructuring of the environment and training for people with IDD whose maladaptive behaviors are significantly disrupting their progress in learning, self-direction or community participation.

Bridge to Independence

Bridge to Independence is offered through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid and is for persons with physical, mental, development or intellectual disabilities and older adults (65+) who currently reside in facilities who want to explore community living options. Referrals can be made at any time by the individual or their caregiver. A Community Navigator will schedule a time to visit with qualified Medicaid beneficiaries to discuss the program and services each individual may qualify for. Such as:

  • Transition Care Management
  • Housing Start-Up Costs
  • Transportation
  • Moving Expenses
  • Home Modifications
  • Durable Medical Expenses
  • Life Skills Training
  • Therapy Services
  • Safety Planning

ID/DD Office List

Jackson Number: (601) 982-7311 Get Map
Manager: Stacie Clark Toll-Free: (844) 214-2244
3828 I-55 North Fax: (601) 981-2586
Jackson, MS 39211 Email: jackson@helpathome.com  

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